Grant Leadbetter

Hey I'm Grant Leadbetter a JS contractor and consultant from Edinburgh. I mainly write about my thoughts on programming and startups. If you would like to hire me you can contact me via my website or twitter.

Storybook a year later

March 15, 2020

For those of you who have read my previous blog post around a year ago I had just started using Storybook, if you haven’t read that article…

Ive just started using Storybook 📖

March 31, 2019

I’ve just started using Storybook recently due to a new contract that i’ve been working on. It has been amazing so far, it greatly improved…

Technical debt is okay, sometimes

January 27, 2019

What exactly is technical debt? “Technical debt is a concept in software development that reflects the implied cost of additional rework…

JavaScript Variables and their Scope

June 12, 2015

To understand JavaScript we must first understand two key principles, the scope of a variable and variable hoisting. Well What Exactly is…