Storybook a year later

March 15, 2020

For those of you who have read my previous blog post around a year ago I had just started using Storybook, if you haven’t read that article then you should check it out.

Storybook has been part of the set of tools that I use in my day to day contract for a while now and when I look back on what it has been like to use it, I remember a time when I used it daily and could see it becoming to be my favourite thing to use, however it wasn’t long before I went back to building UIs the old fashioned way.

The thing about Storybook is that it’s good for some things and not for others, one of the areas that I imagine this tool would be very useful is working on a UI library, however the thing I was using it for was building forms and I found that once I had the initial implementation done I would just work within the locally running front end rather than Storybook as it was easier to reproduce bugs and extend it to add features rather than trying to extend it and fix bugs in storybook.

A short while after that I just stopped building features in Storybook all together as I started to notice that whenever I would build something in Storybook first it was always annoying trying to fit it into the application that the component was designed for, it was easier to just build the component within the application it’s going to be a part of, meaning I no longer had a use for Storybook.

I think everyone should try Storybook regardless and see if it’s something that you personally find useful what i’ve wrote here has just been my experience with it.

If I ever get the chance to work on some sort of UI library then i’ll be giving Storybook another try.

Grant Leadbetter

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